Thursday, April 04, 2013

Conventions & Comics

A few folks have bothered to ask where I have been... that is to say why have I not attended any conventions of late. Well I don't really have an answer.

Between 2008-2010 I made an effort to show my work and get noticed by a few publishers. Unfortunately those publishers suffered from the high printing costs and digital age transition. Many still are trying to figure out where all the buyers might be in the digital age. Since my convention days I only know of 4 people who personally "made it" in comics. Theses people just happened to be fairly well to do, as in they don't need to worry about paying bills in the same way the rest of us slobs do. With that said, those same folks have gone through divorce, had children and even hit other obstacles that was troublesome, but manageable as they were committed to comics.

I personally love my little family more then comics. I also need to work when I can as a part-time whatever to make ends meat. Currently a stay at home father finding employers that understand family life balances are very few and far between. Comics have always been a very secondary, if not third place task as time permitted. I would love to slave away for hours at minimum wage making comics instead of making minimum wage doing something I like far less. Still, real money in my hand now is more valuable then the pipe dream of comics 5 years from now. I'd love to do more conventions. It is not, in my view worth the effort to go to a convention if people are not buying my comics, or work in other forms or through other outlets.

Long story short - Here is the one companion people might have seen with me on my travels. It has held up surprisingly well over the years. This goblin was really my only companion on many flights and travels and even while I sat at a table in artist alley waiting for fans or publishers.

It never happened... yet - See I remain hopeful.

~ Enjoy!

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