Friday, April 26, 2013

Best job in the world....

There are a lot of amazing jobs/careers out there. People have asked me what I think the best career is, my answer is always the same. Parenting is the best career in the world. It is 24 hours long, it can be thankless and your surrounded by people you love. I have to add it pays ZERO in monetary cash.

 I would have had 50 children if I have the income to support the family. If your without a family or children you truly do not know what your missing. The advantages of children over not having children are pretty large in scale. What needs to happen is a rescaling of society moral views. Everything in life has a certain level of importance. Trying to measure it is a difficult thing.

Starting your own family is a very important and integral part of making a more rounded and brilliant person. Next time you tweet, try tweeting about family. Make it a priority in your life. Perhaps more entrepreneurs will then become a working part of that important piece of your life.

The only thing truly missing from life is the balance between work and life.

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