Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Push up esperiment...and art....

So I decided to step away from the weights and do calisthenics...push ups to be exact... different positions and motions and discovered a huge improvement in overall body strength in the process. In just a week I discovered more stability through out my body. I feel a bit more solid and my body doesn't quit in 5-10 seconds... maybe I'm getting better, stronger slowly.

I've also had a chance to recover in between work out experiments and review my previous post. I discovered that the series is interesting in that a person waiting tables could have these thoughts or requests in just about any two hour shift. It also occurred to me that the illustrations meaning really seems to change when the simple icon is changed and the the subject matter instantly is juggled to suit that need.

I might do another series... I'm pretty pleased with the first set below.

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