Monday, May 23, 2011

Exploring Icons...

When I took on this project I wanted it to be intellectually involved. I simply wanted it to be thought provoking in how to integrate simple Icons into visual imagery that would tell a story. Two things needed to happen for this to work. First I needed subject matter that went beyond simple icons to send a point across. I immediately thought of graffiti as a source of subject--public places that integrated with society would be a perfect area of study. Unfortunately it has been done by many more artist then is acceptable with a message that was not often clear or wanted. I decided to key in on people as a subject matter to explore simple icons.
Who or rather what type of person would likely have a multitude of expressions or situations to deal with in a very normal way. A brain storming session brought to mind a doctor, police, taxi driver and possibly the hotel services people. I finally settled on the food services industry for my person to blend in with icons. Turns out it was a perfect choice. People in food services encounter all types of people from all walks of life. These people have all kinds of needs. So a food service person would need to keep a pleasant and neutral manner in all situations. So here you have my illustrations based on a food service person handling multiple imagines customer inquires with a simple icon response!

After a two week thought and sketch process--This really turned out great.

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