Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Time Creeps up on Us!

I now know why many career athletes stop playing around the age of 40. I'm not 40 but I'm creeping towards that number. As the years pass by i feel the body telling me to ease up on the weights and focus more on other aspects of body care. Flexibility is easy when your young, strength is hard...when your older strength is easy and flexibility is hard. That is the first sign that your body is aging.

Last weekend I suffered a strange shoulder injury. I'm sure it is related to a high school injury that became aggravated in my sleep. The should locked up and I can only assume it is tendonitis of the shoulder. I'm slowly getting mobility back but it has been sore. Just now the pain is easing up.

Will I go see the Doctor. No not for a shoulder joint. I know they will say one of three things. Rest will be one recommendation. The other is Surgery, after many expensive checkups and x-rays... then I'll have to rest. The third will likely be prescriptions or injections to reduce the swelling. A money grab. .. I think I'll rest and save the money.

Of course I'm not the resting type. I've been stretching, staying away from the weights and doing a bit of simple yoga from a TV program that seems to focus on upper body moves for elderly. I have to say, it seems to be working for me. I can almost fully lift the 50 pound dumbbell today.

Will all the whining aside, here is the art... then back to resting the shoulder.

This is a space illustration done from a website with a user interface letting you paint with colors. I tried for a Space illustration.
Vexing Devil... MTG and the last one is a Rejected Cover color comp...for a RolePlaying game.

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