Friday, February 08, 2013

Everyday I pray...

Well not really pray. I was reading notes children have written to god. One of the funny ones was by a little girl who wrote..." Hi God, some times I think of you even when I'm not praying."

This made me chuckle because I think I needed a reminder that so many things are out of my control. This innocence of thought and ideals slanted to a singular belief system that really fails in the face of capitalism and democracy. It is a real wonder that we can survive at all when the real world is so opposite of the idealist beliefs. Yet so many people strive to there own level of perfection while disregarding the belief system they are instilled with at such a young age.

Everyone wants a better world - Unfortunately that better world is for themselves and not others. Equality can never exist. That is the truth.

No Art Posts today. The shoulder is far better, still the stretching is helping but I can n longer continue to over work the arm. Art is on hold until I have more comfort in the joint.

- Enjoy

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