Friday, February 01, 2013


Today I'm posting something a bit different. I'm sure the MTG folks know this card. It is arguably one of the best angels for many formats of play. I actually love this card. What many players don't like about this card is that the art is not as detailed as the other angels. It is a cool imposing pose as Sigarda descends from the sky.

What I did was create an alternate art for the card in my comic style. I thought that the art Director at Wizards of the Coast might want to see something different. I of course don't think I'll hear back due to the painted quality they want. Still, I wanted to share what I could do in a span of 10 days,  With Time avalible. Hopefully the Wizards of the Coast staff turn back to a comic style art form so that folks like me can contribute our talents to the greater mix of card art creating.

Here is my art suggestion below.

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