Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sketching a little sketch...

Actually I've done a ton of offline art. I've filled two sketchbooks this year alone. Crazy considering how many people have moved entirely to a digital work flow. I simply don't feel the need or same relationship with a digital system. I might have to try one of those monitors you draw on directly, that may change my mind. I just love the organic effects and imperfections you get with paper at times. Maybe I'll share more later. As for now I'm caught up with real life and things that matter and need to be taken care of first. I wish I could be like some of these other artists that have great paying jobs where all they need to do is focus on the art they create. The rest of us have real issues out side of work that we need to tend to ourselves with our own bear hands. Perhaps I too will meet someone with lottery winnings to spend on my work one day... Dreams sure are nice. -Enjoy!

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