Monday, October 22, 2012

little blessings....

Not many people get to wake up with this view on a Wednesday morning!!!!
It was a needed break and escape in the middle of the week for my self and family as we try to collect ourselves after a very tumultuous time with employers / work and life in general. It is a challenge to relax knowing that the little things were waiting for us at home. However taking the step of removing ourselves from the crazy world and focusing on each other was really needed break. It was a reminder that what we do is worth it and that we can overcome any issues by staying focused on one issue at a time. I wish everyone could escape to a cabin, lake, beach or whatever the dream destination is. Forrest and mountains seem to be good for us though. Now we brace for round two refreshed and ready to reign Hell on all comers. Lets get it done folks! -enjoy!

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