Thursday, March 22, 2012

Typical Sunday Morning Breakfast....

Here is what our Sunday morning table looks like every single Sunday...
well, almost. We take pride in having every dinner together and breakfast once per week with the whole family. It is not always doughnuts, but may be replaced with pancakes, more often then not waffles and always a wide variety of fruit.

It is a small pleasure we enjoy that allows us to accommodate unexpected guest. We never have morning guest, but if we did the sample spread would easily accommodate another 4 people or so. We are probably the only morning week end people we know. Who else looks forward to getting up at 6:00 am ish on a week end... Well we do if we know we have this spread waiting for us.

We have to make it our selves. We are not pompous wealthy brats. We have to sweat for our food. But I thought that this might be worth sharing with others who want to find a way to improve their every day lives. This is one event that makes the next day a little more brighter.

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