Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Digital Painting...

Well what a chore that was.
Working in the digital format is only 100 times faster then the traditional way. There are however draw backs.

In the center of the page at the bottom is a sample of leaves I left in place to ensure correct color codeing.

After a sketch and several color samples I found that a single brush would never do. Still I stuck to a single brush and used a variety of sizes to get this piece done. I found the impressionist way of working to be the best way when doing a digital painting. I played with a few other ideas like transparency as well as multi-layers for a final piece. This is what happened when I flattened the whole thing instead of saving it as I wanted. Many of the effects were lost.
I'm please with the piece but you can see thar I rubbed, dragged and bleneded many pointillism colors to get this look too. I think I need to try other things to really make this work!

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