Sunday, January 29, 2012

Cards...Magic...lack of sleep....

It is Sunday,
I decided to revisit an old hobby. Magic the gathering. It was 12:01 am on a Saturday morning. A seal deck event. 3 Dark Ascention, 3 Innistrad.

I was loving the cards I found in my booster packs. I hated trying to piece together a winning deck. It was a challenge and I was slaughtered. The new cards now have double sides and a twist in rules. I enjoyed getting trounced and finally.... The last match I won best out of three. 2-1 win... awful yet sweet. He (my opponent) should have won. He destroyed me /my deck the first round killing me 20 straight points and I left him unscathed... some how I nickel-ed and timed him to death in the preceding two rounds in the fifth and last turn bout of the evening.

Would I do that again???


I wished a few old friends joined me but they seem preoccupied with life. For me it was a sweet escape to another time which brought me a certain amount of reflection and joy. Joy for the moment of playing and joy for the the things I currently have. All in all, a great experience.
Was an amazing host. If you need a store to open and run a game at, this is the place to go to. If you want to be part of a group of awesome people... That is the store to be at. Maybe another per-release party is in order!

Thanks all that joined.

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