Sunday, January 08, 2012

3 dead kings ...

This is the title of my newest audio blog.
A short tale that looked at some of the dark things in life. Some of the things that are darker in stories as well. I wanted this to explore several what if elements and it is starting to take a life of it's own. Though I'm fascinated by the whole tale and how it could evolve, I sure could make it more dynamic.

Instead I see my self quickly wrapping it up instead. I found that I was becoming far to invested in the characters of the story. That investment means that I would not be willing to compromise the story or the characters.

Unless I could find an artistic collaborator I think it would be better to let the tale slowly fade as quickly as it started. Still the entire concept is so strong that I believe that the merit it deserves should be share on the world wide web. In short I instantly get the copy right gratification of the material and others who choose to borrow Ideas are forced to offer homage, or payment for borrowing material from me.

At this point, I'm just happy to share the tale.
We will have to see what else comes of it.

here is the link.

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