Friday, April 29, 2011

Weights...Oh My!

So I tried to hit the weights... Yup I'm out of shape.
I used to max out my bench at 220 pounds when I was around 170 pounds. These days I weight around 180 to 200 depending on the holiday season at the time. I could not even get the 220 pounds thing off the bench. So sad, so flabby - LOL!

I did find that my over all strength is better though. I curl more and triceps are stronger too, back is stronger then I remember, but bench and squats are very poor as to what I use to do. I use to squat 220 as a free weight and had no problem hitting fifteen reps for three sets... I just tried doing 130 pounds and I was shaking like a leaf in a tornado.... I'm weak!

I'm not sure why I'm sharing this stuff but it might put into perspective the challenges of age and time on the body. The biggest change since that time and now are children, and bills that come with them. I would sum it up as responsibility.

When your single you have a ton of time to go for walks and climb and chase girls and work out and walk around the mall for hours at a time. Now you have to sit at a job and try to keep a roof over everyone's head... Not fun.

It does explain the change in over all fitness though. No one has the ability or the time to stay active for 24 hours. Energy levels are just not there, time is just not there. Most people only sleep 5 hours a day as it is. I'm lucky though, I hit 6 to 8 fairly regularly now that I don't work nights. When on night shifts I was sleeping only 3-4 hours a day... that almost killed me.

Lack of sleep causes random phantom pains and cramping in parts of the body I never knew could cramp... Not good... not at all. So get your sleep! Enjoy your down time any way you can. I recommend a good walk at least one kilometer twice a week. That has helped me a bunch.

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