Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Past to present - Awards

Folks who know me or rather, have known me for a long time understand that I have a passion for Art, Fitness and Wrestling. I'm no body builder by any means. These days my sit ups are limited to the length of time I spend in a chair sitting and watching TV. Though I did stumbled on a few of my old wrestling medals. It made me wonder if I should consider getting into that field of work. Fitness... Hmmn.

I volunteered as a wrestling coach for the summer a few years back, the Rebels wrestling team here in Calgary with one wrestler who won provincials. As much as I would like to take credit for that medal I know that wrestler earned it on their own. I won't drop names but The coach, the school and the hard work are proof that anything can happen to any one. I only played a minor role in the learning process to that one particular champion.

Now I'm left with the thought of chasing the fitness career... Then I remembered it is an hourly gig and I know there is no way I can do three hours of aerobics. Fitness coaching and weights I can help people with, but there is no way I'm bouncing around for 3 hours for a few bucks that they pay these days.

It was nice to see the medals again, they can stay in the box!
I need to look for other things to occupy my money earning time.


Anonymous said...

Some people say that a wife can ruin her husband if she doesn't give him stability in the home.

G-man said...

I suppose that is true if the responsibilities are not shared.

The "Sister Wives" TV show seems to present and interesting solution to many of today's challenges.

Maybe society will accept these "Sister Wives" unions much as they have accepted the more odd couplings that have been legalized.