Monday, April 04, 2011


Between my fictional tale web cast - FightOn - and the story writing and illustrations - I'm spinning my wheels here!

Not much is panning out. No matter how hard I push no one seem interested in my work right now. Since the school break is over I need to focus on the priorities of my children so I'm taking a break from posting for a week or so. After I upload my "FightOn" I'll be taking a week to just try and get idea's in line and search for a paying job. I might be able to flip a burger or two for a while... not sure what kind of message that sends to my young ones but at least it will cover some bills.

Life just sucks sometimes... I wonder what it would be like if I applied for the CEO job that the corporations family owners handed to their eldest son... Must be nice to be handed a few million shares and being told, "Here's your chance, don't blow it, the family is counting on you." Never mind the family being worth between 7 to 9 billion... depending on the markets.

I can tell you it is easier to make it and harder to keep it. Once you have the bulls-eye on your back, many more people try to bring you down.... Easy come, easy go as they say.

-enjoy your day.

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