Sunday, May 01, 2016

WeekEnd Warrior - Summit reached with Boys

I hit the summit of Barrier Lake for the third time. A first for my boys. Even with the belly aching and resistance. They had a blast once we hit the open air and saw the lake. Far to many people for my liking but I did enjoy getting out again. A 4 year old made the summit yesterday. Met the new Home owner as Chip retired at 72 years of age. Also a great addition was Flaco the dag. "Flaco" means skinny in Spanish. He did not like me at first, but he relaxed after a few sniffs. The dog did not like my wardrobe. I was the first to summit. Then my Youngest. Then my eldest who stayed behind to help other folks along. I'm to competitive. But at least I'm raising a couple of gentlemen. Maybe I need to take more lessons from them instead of giving them lessons. (Kidding) I'm a pretty good guy. Here are the images of our Summit. It was their first. They even had a chance to sign the book. Proves they made the top of Barrier Lake and the Helicopter pad and the watch tower. Really great experience to share with them.

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