Sunday, May 15, 2016

Almost Athletic - Can't Stop me!

I did another summit. Surprising thing, Sulfur Mountain in Banff is done daily by locals. So many people use the trail that it was muddy and slick at times. More surprising was the fact that people were running the trail. 2 ladies in there 50's ran the trail 3 x while I hiked it and after a brief chat it turns out they were training and had already don the hike in a run and it was really their 5th time up and down. Impressive as Hell. Do not mess with older ladies, they are bad @$$. I did reach Samson peak - the highest point on the mountain. Again not a hard hike but it made me look athletic. Met some neat folks and a group of 4, 6 year olds
with mom and dad doing the same hike. They were tired but we encouraged them to keep going. Very impressive children. Here is a sample of what I saw. One of my favorite moments was when a young woman in her 20's was about to quite. After I told her I was old and was going to finish, she found the inner drive to keep going. Then being ahead I saw 4 sets of grand parents older then me on the way down. I was sure that she was going to be more driven. I waited at the top for her friends to tell them she did a great job. She should never let an old guy and anyone beat her to the top. I'm so glad that she made the top. Her girl friends were amazing to support her too. Just an awesome crowd out hiking today. Another weekend lived as a Canadian should live. Sun, sweat and exercise. ~ Enjoy!

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