Monday, September 15, 2014

Royal Distaste or Hate...

I'm not sure why I feel a certain joy and pleasure from the idea of Scotland separating from England. I do know that I think the world needs a little more diversity. I'm personally tired of the Royal worship. Our over taxed countries serving the imaginary royal coffers dose nothing for the rest of us. Scotland should become independent with a singular currency of their own... Let the Brits eat the same rubbish they like to force upon us. Then we might see a little more balance in the entire world. In fact, a separation would create more jobs for the Scottish folks for at least the next 20 years. That would serve two generations well. That would allow for some evolution for the future. Following the Brits was what cause the economic crisis in Europe to begin with. As a Canadian, I blame the failures on the shoulders of the Royals if not the British parliament. ~ ENjoy!

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