Saturday, December 21, 2013

Death of Manufacturing...

It is official, the world of printing has destroyed a huge industrial sector. 3D printing now allows anyone to produce things that use to be done by hordes of people. Now, one person could produce any product imaginable, and in some cases design and print it pre-built.

This tech reduces the man power of most jobs down from 100 to about 3... A company owner, a designer/creator and a marketer... Maybe one extra person for the sick days... maybe... if automation is not in place.

Sorry folks... We are to smart and putting ourselves out of work.

Now we need to find new ways to make a living... Slavery seems to be a trend that might be coming back.
In a much larger view... Sweat equity might be the bigger item of value then capital... we all need to eat and a place to sleep... not sure what the trade off will be but it is certainly not a good thing to see so many people soon to be placed out of work.

Food for thought.

~ Enjoy

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