Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hairless Brush....

Today I discovered that one of my oldest and most favorite brushes was plucked clean bald.
Normally as a creative type I would have been up in arms. But this  hair loss is common with old brushes... and men. I suspect my children played a role but I honestly can't point the finger there as I have done much to salvage this brush. I glued it, taped it, both tapped and glued and washed, and clean and loved the brush to the point where natural wear and tear was going to finally take its toll. 10 years later I simply found a new use for the nubby piece of wood. so I created a sketch with the damaged brush and admired the unique marks. . . . sad to be so committed to one single brush.... I can't explain it either. But here is the brush now and the sketch page I used it on.... I think I'm finally reaching closure on the brush. Time to spend another $40 for another... I need a real job. This stuff is far to expensive to continue doing.

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