Sunday, November 27, 2011


Here is a short animation (gif)of a planned landscape.
First is the sketch... Then I thought I would do a painting of the Background and mix a little media with the computer and inked art over top so you get the blacked out modified sketch.

Then I paint off scene... paste a scan of the painting down, then I ink and pencil and tweak the foreground trees. Then I jump into computer c on the foreground and merge everything into a nice final piece.

There is much more thought and color experimentation in the whole process though this is the quick revision animation of how I work.... It takes much longer then the few seconds seen here.

I hope the Gif animation works... it's late enough as it is... Argh!

Here is the link to the animation if it fails to work in blogger


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G-man said...

The gif works well after it is downloaded.