Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm not a super fan - Well Maybe...

I recently did a fan piece for a great Indy creator Travis.
Outcast Studios member and founder of Bean Leaf Press. I have been a fan of this creator since the first book being released. I often wonder how I could get involved with other artist and their work and if I could do image plates or pinups or add any value to their work I'm just thrilled to do so.

Low an behold an opportunity came by and I jumped at it. He was looking for fan art.
I had just two days to come up with something that I love about his site, his work and world. Normally that would be enough time but not this time. I submitted a piece that was good but I have updated the image with final colors here as well.

I really wanted a professional finished colorist to aid me, but time being what it was I could not afford to track down a good colorist that would be able to do my piece justice so I tackled all the art on the second refined piece myself.

Enough talk.... Enjoy.

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