Monday, July 09, 2007

Study, Study,Study...Bing!

I did not realize why I some times get confused. Truth be told It's not really me but the sheer vast amount of Info I have to consume from being an artist type personality.
I visually study, Stare, and analyze every thing I come into contact with. My wife noted that I am a bit of a shut in at times.

I function in a fairly normal manner. But I consume and regurgitate everything. I reproduce ideas from ideas and grow thing in a visual way. So often I know the answer but get the program or system wrong due to the huge amount of programs I need to know. Add to that pass words, user names and other muck floating in my brain it is any wonder I get any thing right at times.

Thankfully there is a little bit of consistency in how things are being pushed together, and evolving. If the compliance is not there - the answer is harder to attain, even though you know you are correct. Streamline, define and improve are the best ways to keep things simple and reach your goals.

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