Sunday, July 01, 2007


Recently I was talking to some folks about awards. Way back in 19-04-2003 I owned I was using it as an outlet for creative stuff and Ideas which I have archived. Admin, BN Soft Kailash Nadh, was the one who offered it up to me at the time. Which then was call the silver award. Since that time I have let the name slip back into the fold and it has been taken by another. It hurts me to see the nightmare it has become. A shameless site with no clear offering or structure. As such I will not post a link here. How ever the name lives on with my Blog - Not to be confused with the .com version it use to be. I would Like to make it clear that the award was not earned by the current owner. And I have since taken an interest in such misrepresentation that others attempt to capitalize on.

Although I can not control what others do, I can fight my quite battle to ensure the truth is known.

Now That same discussion lead to the question of why I do not continue to seek out awards. Well the answer is simple. It is always nice to have a pat on the back. At some point I too have to make a living. I need to find a balance between fame or infamy as the case may be. With the ability to comfortable live life and take care of the other obligations out in front of me.

Now that I have taken that load off my chest.... Back to the drawing board.

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