Friday, December 28, 2018

Wonderful Beer Surprise 2

I don't normally evaluate beers or beverages. This is my second year doing so and that makes me less of an expert than most. I will say I have had plenty to hate and few to little in the way of surprises to enjoy. Being a Western Canadian, it is not my nature to gravitate to an Eastern Canadian beer on any level, however, the interesting thing was the style of beer that drew me in. Quebec apparently messes about with Belgian style beers!

You read that correctly! Belgian beer. Which means, close to Germany and likely holds a higher alcohol content. This beer is not so different than what you'll find over seas, as I'm told by more seasoned drinkers. I'll say that higher alcohol does nothing for the flavor and body of the beer, though it certainly lends itself to a faster, easy drinking experience if you're not careful.

Again, I'm a bit picky, though this flavorful, Blueberry Wheat beer is well worth a visit for all who shy away from the sudsy beverage. This one will make you rethink your choice of cooler or a beer! Go for the beer, this beer in particular is a wonderful dessert beer, if there is such a thing. Certainly no better way to chase down a meal afterwards at any rate.

~ Enjoy!

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