Sunday, June 18, 2017

This Happened in Sci-fi

Enjoyed Calgary Phil Harmonic Orchestra at their year end performance. It was moving, educational and fun!
What I  really found amazing was the visual components added to the amazing musical accompaniment. I should add the photos accompanied the orchestra. Was surprised and sad to learn many people were retiring. people serving between 36 and 45 years are hanging up the tails and ties. I can't imagine having any career that lasts so long no matter how hard I try, yet these folks found away to do just that. Stay employed for many, many years. I'm sure they only earn honorariums for the amount of practice they put in, but I want to say thank you for your dedication and awesome last performance for us last night. I was moved by the talent and passion and commitment to the music and the arts.

Things I learned, A star flying through space leaving a debris trail much like a comet named Mira. Quasars and black holes have orbital junk rings too. Then the mother of mind blowing concepts, for get planet collisions, think bigger... Yes entire Galaxies colliding. It is a thing and it happens as captured by PHD Astronomer on hand to share with us!

~ Spectacular #CalgaryPhil
~ Thank you
~ Enjoy !

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