Friday, April 14, 2017

Thankful - Sort of.

Most of my life was not a choice. It was guided for sure, sometimes by force. Easter is one of those times where my faith reminds me that the life I have is largely held together by my life practice built around my faith. My faith is what has given me the life I have bound together in the most fragile way. Yet Roman Catholic is what I identify with most and adhere to with most of my conduct, most of the time. Easter is that time where I see being different makes me a threat, an icon and very different. Yet it is all I feel is true and that is enough to keep me balanced on my views of the truth. The real world is bound by deflecting litigation and transferring responsibility in any fashion. I tend to square off with it and take a joy ride until I get kicked off. I get kicked often "for my own good" as they say. Truth is, those that say it see me as the threat of moving in on their turf. If I gain to much traction then I take away all their credibility. credibility those others never really had as they build their life around lies and manipulation. Yet I continue on reminded that I too will rise again to yet another challenge. Thus is what is great about Easter. Even death can be over come if you work hard and aspire to greater things. Your not done until you say you're done. ~ Enjoy!

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