Monday, August 03, 2015

Post game terror.

After a long break from RPG, one of my boys wanted to jump back into the RPG thing. Thanks to a co-worker inspiring many ideas, I took the advice to string a few things together to re-play the gaming sessions I started many moon ago. My son solo, took on the beast posted on twitter - Richard Grzela ‏@RichardGrzela Jul 18 Pumpkin Hydra mini ready for play can't spoil what the kids see me make. Time for a great story adventure mix up. It was a nail bitter. He had 4 life left and the beast 34... A single unlucky roll for me ended the game. The creature withering and slowly blowing it's bits into the night cool breeze. It was a fun seeing the "Pumpkin Hydra" beast in play. Now I need to dream up another creation. Apprently My son wants a custom figure of his own to play with too. We will see, I suppose. ~Enjoy.

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