Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Another Duel Deck tale

I wanted to do more prose in the coming adventures to represent the RPG flare that inspired this new style of game play. I realized recently that so much more can be explored in each world beyond the cards that see limited play. There are hidden stories to be discovered in each color cube as well. Moving forward I think you will see more flavor text in the prose and the RPG point style refined more then ever. Tarkir really opened up many paths to creative thinking. Personally I'm a mono colored tribal kind of guy. However I really enjoy what Tarkir tried to deliver. All things considered it was a pretty good set. I believe that taking the perspective of a character in my tales might better reveal the greater adventure that all players can explore with their own deck tech. Welcome to Tarkir. http://deckdueltales.blogspot.ca/

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