Monday, April 07, 2014

Corruption... Nice to know its out there.

There is so much I could say... But can't. All I know is that I constantly walk that line and wait for the leaders of the world to shoot them selves in the foot. No matter what role they hold. If they are a leader, they encourage corruption to deflect the attention from their own activities to that of others. Yet the leaders tend to be the ones that earn the highest profits from their corrupt activities. That's why I tend to be very selfish in my actions. If I don't make a dime, don't expect me to play your silly little games.

Everyone should be more true to themselves and harness the power of greed and selfishness. The world might actually become a better place.

Twisted I know.  But some chaotic force deems that it makes sense. Think about it. You too might agree.

~ Enjoy!

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