Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Mr. Man child to you...

I have to agree with you all - I really have not changed that much since High School. I'm Only 15 pounds heavier...Not a significant change. I like to think it is all muscle. Salt and pepper hair and slightly weathered facial skin are the only real indicators I've aged. I still have the same hobbies of swimming, canoeing with the odd hike and lots of art. I love the way things turned out. I really do get to take life easy thanks to a wife with a real job. I've never shrugged away from responsibilities, I just don't tie myself down to things that will stress me out. As long as the bills area paid I don't worry about the rest of life much. Children are getting to a point where they are pretty much self sufficient. I would like that to move along a bit faster. With that said I'm not in any rush to be a slave to some job or career that I might hate in two years because of unrealistic expectations set by any employer. It would be nice to live at the cabin full time. I suppose the lottery will have to work in my favor for that to happen. Could you imagine! Oh one day. I'd like to loaf even more then I do now.... Not that I loft about much - Regular outings keep me pretty fit. Oh and my Man Child Beard and stash is really growing in nicely. Maybe I can travel the path of the red neck Canadian once it gains a few inches.... My wife can't wait for it to be shaved off. Maybe after Christmas... I'll have to take pictures first. -Enjoy.

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