Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Stats and stuff!

I'm not sure what all the numbers mean. Some numbers seem to be my visits and others seem to be the traffic from others. Whatever the case - They are not so clear. All I know is that I sometimes get a ton of traffic and it might be from bots and spiders, and other times it is so random. But I have never had a zero for a long time. Someone is stalking me out there. Who ever you are... Thanks, I guess. Not many people as old as I am get stalkers...Pretty funny really. I'm not sure why people find dumpsters so attractive. I mean I tend to walk past many dumpsters and never really post photos of them. So maybe the stalker wants to see how the better half live? I suggest looking into the alley. The person picking bottles from your recycling is very likely me trying to make ends meet. Now you all know the truth. No need to go stalking an old guy like me. I really am not going to take away from your greatness. I'm just trying to make some greatness of my own. Just like you I plug away and see what comes my way. I wish I could share a greater wisdom but hard work and pushing forward is all I know. It's not pretty. It is just what needs to be done. If your the kind of person looking for dirt or greatness, try a celebrity twitter. I wont bother you all there. Just let me be me and maybe we can all find greatness in our own way. till then - Enjoy the rest of the good weather. I'll leave the stats to the people who like numbers. Like Bankers... We seem to give them all our money for free. Wish they would give me a little more back in return. Heck the tend to keep more then I give them for free. Crazy world... -Cheers!

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