Sunday, May 27, 2012

Art---I knew I could do it.

Need a hand!-Ha! I helped a friend Move- this hand was inspired by that experience...Yup I'm a bit sore. Must be age catching up to me. The Cyclops was in part inspired by the cartoon "SideKick" I figured I'd make a cyclops and swipe the helmet design from the character from the show. I really liked how this turned out. digital colors are so tricky. I hope to get much better at it. Traditional art materials have a natural flow about them. Digital tools simply don't move the same way. It is really hard to get a look unless you really work a piece over. I think I'm getting better and faster. Still I need to be more skilled. I also learned that not all jobs are easy to do. I did tickets and it was really fast to complete. Unfortunately it needed to be perforated. I simple could not meet all the requirements of an easy perforation and efficient layout. Thank fully the press guy was looking for a bit more challenging projects to work on. One more week ahead. One day at a time, one step at a time.... Lets see what happens.

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