Sunday, September 04, 2011


This is a rushed post...
Myth-a-COn is an awesome game convention.
Over 200 players converged on the small site to play a huge number of games. The gamers were further treated to a fully catered feast for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
ranging in price from $4-10 the food ranged the gamut of a hot dog to a full feast Turkey dinner with all the fixings!

You get a huge amount of choice in both game and food. If your going to a convention to play a game or want to try something new - the fans and players are great to approach.

At the end of every session - Everyone shook hands and moved on to the next game. They are an impressive group. The staff were friendly and amazing too. Everyone was warmly welcomed.
Be sure to book Myth-a-con for your next game convention stop. You will not be disappointed!

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