Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Work out -- body change

I've committed my self to a very light work out style to fit into my life style. Now a year into my efforts I should share the work out.

It is simple...
Do something every day.
Do 10 to 20 reps of something every day.

Thanks is it. It is working. Even when I'm tired I simply can still do ten reps of something. It is pretty amazing. Though I have not lost much in the way of weight. My body shape has changed dramatically. Mostly in the upper body and a slimming of the lower abdominal s too.

What is more humorous is that my children are now saying things like, Dad Superman is stronger then you, or The Hulk can lift way more than you. Hard to argue that though I generally do my work outs between 11:00pm and 1:00am when the little ones are asleep...I'm not sure where they get their ideas from.

I still think I'm pretty average though. Working behind a desk for 7+ hours a day leave little time for other things. This seems to be working for me though.

Mostly calisthenics (Ladies call it Peladies or some such thing) though I do use smaller/light free weights at least twice a week to change up the intensity.

Being stronger allows for more options too. You can do more and want to do more. You need the mental toughness to really push yourself through the really weary days. The mental toughness is what I'm working on. As a parent your mind is often fatigued due to the constant push and pull on your time too. This is a challenge to over come. Being in the mind frame to improve fitness helps take on more and tackle more. I wish I could offer more in the way of getting more sleep between work outs and busy days though I have not solved that challenge yet.

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