Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What no update...?

Things have been busy. I have been traveling all over the province of Alberta to secure and sign illustration projects/jobs. It has been a tough thing to do in the economic times. I have some good news though. My work will start to appear in various publications through out the province.

I have an Art show, My comics are in stores, I have a small 1 day Convention I'll be at, I'll be illustrating for local community newsletters.

So what else?

Not much, I'm afraid that people are truly not spending as much for visual appeal as they use to. Funny thing is so much is becoming more expensive to forcing me to up my rates as well.

I have been to Banff, Edmonton, Calgary, Rocky Mountain House, Johnstons Canyon, Cochrane, and have little to show for it save for great personal experiences, good time and getting to spend time with friends and family I have not seen in some time.

I have to say that the future can not get any worse then it is financially. I also add that if I did not have my health I never would have done all the things I have this summer. That makes me pretty happy.

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