Friday, November 09, 2007

Original Items for sale

The Images Here are for sale... The bat man plate is a print from George Perez, original priced at $500.00 is now for sale at $250.00.
Black and White, printed on a heavy card stock. I loved it when I found it. It is the first of Five - I do not have the others.

The photo of the car is from Famous Jon Dirks.
It is Valued at $4200.00
It is for sale for $2200.00. This original print is still in it's original framed signed by the Photographer. When I obtained it I arranged to have him
sign the Print too.

If you are interested,
It is for sale and you can email me at

My Art collection must go!

These are just two of the valuable pieces for sale, that I must now part with. Weep.
I would prefer the works stay in Canada, but I would be more happy if they were sent to a good home.

Thanks all!


Anonymous said...

You write very well.

G-man said...

Your to Kind!
Most of my posts are done well after mid-night, so they are not great by any stretch. The lack of sleep is a killer too!

I thank you for your kind words, and still remain humble. Thanks.