Saturday, September 29, 2007

Spend big again!

Yes I do spend big...I think that $5.00 is about as much as I can usually handle. I am a cheap bugger. Yes I know get a life. But those bars have cover charges of $20.00 or more. No way am i paying that for some play time. Shit I could Just hand out cards outside and invite folks to my place to mingle for a fraction of the price. Hell I could make some cash by doing it too.

$5.00 is my limit to such foolish endeavors.

Now Who was going to give me that full time Job?

I've been told I'm pretty good. You have to see me in action to believe it though.
I can talk all I want but really, it's magical. Talented, Driven, Focused, Polite, Honorable, Honest. You don't get that kind of person from just any where.

Really pick me.

You will be pleased.

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