Tuesday, June 19, 2007

A Master scholar

It has taken time to sink in but my wife is now a master.
I thought I would be the master first but she beat me to the punch.

Her master degree arrived and she is official as of May 30, 2007.

Her thesis is linked in the location below.


Look for this info

Grzela, J. L. (2007). A grounded theory study of mothers advising other mothers, through the internet, on coping with returning to work guilt after a maternity leave ©


tomm said...

hey thanks for visiting my blog - post more art up here!!!

John S. said...

Congrats to your wife!!
Hey, thanks for the commment on my blog. You have some great stuff here. Post more artwork!!!

Calvin said...

Congrats to Janet! I'll read her thesis as soon as I return from vacation.