Thursday, November 30, 2006


I have finished a brand new painting before the holidays. I guess the snow made me think of a warm jungle so that is what I painted. I will post it soon I just want to make sure the paint sets before I do anything crazy - like move it around.

In two weeks I will be free to my own means, as work will grant me my standard segmented constetutional allotment. So I hope to finish some serious writing in that time and even push out a few more sketches for the holidays.

Hope the season continues to offer you the blessings you deserve and a break to the hard working folk too. Children really are great for helping you relive those innocent days. So feel free to spoil them a little - even if they are a pain in the rump at times.

Hey I find the best thing to do is when they drive you to the point when you are about to throttle them, Just grab them tightly and give them a hug. That usually stuns them just enough to make them think that you are crazy enough to let them get away with the worst.

Then - Just may be- They will cry, and you will know that you are doing the right thing for them. You can let them go on to the merry old way so they can break what ever it was they were going to before you let them know - no matter what - things will work out.

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