Sunday, August 20, 2006

Country Fair King

As promised here is a pic of one of the many award winning pieces I submitted at surrounding country fair. Yes I did do well but I never thought i would have such an outstanding show compared to others. From what I was told is that there were a few teens that would have whooped me good artistically.
I would expect nothing less. As time moves by, the standard of art and pressure young people face, they have no choice but to bring their best game. Lucky for me, I was in the adult catagory, where other real pro's are just to busy to square off with me. After two fairs and several judges the only piece that earned a double first is the one uploaded here. The others alternated between 1st and second and all were cash wins which was nice. The kids now have a small college fund.

What really made this great was my boys wanted to parade around with the ribbons. It made me blush and proud that they , my boys, at such a young age are able to share in the experience and enjoy the success with me.

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Calvin said...

Horticultural and Creative Arts? Hmmm.... Are they implying that we creative types are also proficient with the use or nurturing of the funky green stuff? I thought you lived in Alberta, not BC. :D