Thursday, July 13, 2006

A new Pitch

Here is a break down of what I am looking to do with my Publishing company.

Collect art samples from a variety of people / artist, and creators both.
Have a bound collection of editorial and illustrated stories. To be displayed in a one book format. The goal is to have a printed piece that everyone can show in their own portfolios and use to help promote them selves with.

I will front all the initial costs for this project, which will be about $2,550.00. I may have a few extra proof copies done so that I can get them signed and promote those copies out.
All the contributors have to do is submit their work.
The contributors will have to purchase their own copies if they want one. I then can promote the book and try to get more activity (Paid work) for contributing artists in general. But the book contributors will be the highlight and focus. It will be Full color if the book count is under 60 pages. If more then I will have to produce a black and white version.
I will also include contact information for every contributor in the book, if they so request it/ or desire to have that exposure. This needs to be a written request or it will not happen due to the new privacy laws we all face.

Here are the creative details.
Final art has to be no larger than 8.5 “x 11”.
If digital work is provided, than 8.5”x11” 300ppi .jpeg with extension included.
(CD/DVD can be mailed to me or emailed to my gmail account.)
No more than 5 pieces or 5 pages to illustrated story.
Submissions are free. But original art sent in will not be returned, as it would have to be my property due to publishing laws. Digital art submissions become my property, for the purpose of producing the book.
No explicit adult content.

No fees for submissions are charged back to you as a contributor, and recognition is included in book for contributors. I strongly believe credit should be given where it is due.

Other info I would need is.
Contributor’s Name
Contributor’s E-mail
Contributor’s Number for phone calls.

That is the pitch.
Let me know if you are interested and feel free to forward this info to any one else you think might want to do this, or would like to contribute.
I already have contacts to make this project go smoothly, and have had success with my current books. I think this is a good opportunity for me to share that success with others that may be interested.

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