Sunday, June 25, 2006

As an independent book creator and illustrator, searching for the truth of attaining a best seller by going on the trek alone. Form concept to completion, the goal is to see if I can make the two top best sellers lists.
In Canada the goal is to attain 5000 sales to make the best selling list in that country and in the United States the goal is 25,000 copies sold. Having produced a verity of works I want to see if he can break the total of One Million from sales in these two country or more. In a discussion with other authors, I have set a goal to sell al least 1000 copies in every state and province of the world. That would not only break any historic records, but also shatter any that have ever been posted ever before.

The Best way to support this effort is to pick up your own copy of one of the works.
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